Ghost Pens (1g)

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Now new flavors featured in new 1g pod hardware!

TIP: Press button 5 times to unlock/lock device. Press and hold button while inhaling to activate.

Ghost disposable vape pens pack a full gram of potent, high-quality cannabis extract into a discrete pen
that is ready to go wherever you’re going.


GMO (Indica), Guava (Sativa), Slurricane (Hybrid), Variety


(1) 2g Pen, (5) 2g Pen, (10) 2g Pen, (15) 2g Pens, (1) 1g Pen, (5) 1g Pens, (10) 1g Pens, (15) 1g Pens, (20) 1g Pens, (25) 1g Pens, (30) 1g Pens

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