Fryd Liquid Diamond Pen (2g)

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These Fryd disposable vape pens pack 2 full grams of potent, high-quality Liquid Diamond extract into a discrete pen
that is ready to go wherever you’re going.


Apple Juice (Hybrid), Banana Runtz (Hybrid), Berry Zkittlez (Sativa), Blue Gummy Shark (Hybrid), Code Red (Hybrid), Dirty Sprite (Hybrid), Orange Gobstopper (Hybrid), Peach Rings (Hybrid), Red Vines (Hybrid), Strawberry Lemoncello (Hybrid), Witches Brew (Hybrid), Variety


(1) 2g Pen, (5) 2g Pens, (10) 2g Pens, (15) 2g Pens, (20) 2g Pens, (25) 2g Pens, (30) 2g Pens

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