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First Press Live Rosin is a mix-micron rosin concentrate. Whereas you’re smoking only 90u trichome heads in our Water Hash and Persy Rosin, our Live Rosin includes a full spectrum of water hash refined to dabbable oil.

Our Live Rosin Badder, commonly known as cold cure, is a more stable form of our fresh press rosin. After the rosin is pressed, it is sealed into jars and left to cure at room temperature, forming an opaque, badder-like consistency with minimal terpene degradation. The Live Rosin Badder micron distinctions echo the fresh press definitions.

Ingredients: Cannabis Oil Extracted With Water


This is a non-edible concentrate intended for smoking or vaporizing only. 
Proper storage of your hash will ensure the terps are as fresh as the day they were harvested. Keep rosin frozen when not in use. Badder can be stored at room temperature (50-70) for up to 3 days. Past 3 days, store in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. For long-term storage, we recommend vac-sealing and storing in the freezer. Always bring your jars to room temperature before unsealing to prevent moisture or crackle. 


1 Gram, 7 Grams


Cherry Zest #4 (Rosin), Donny Burger (Rosin), Moon Glow #1 (Badder), Randy Watson #13 + Bad Apple #7 (Badder), Sundae Driver (Rosin), Tropicana Grapecake #11 + Banana Punch #4 (Badder), Z Cubed #5 (Rosin), Variety

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