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Persy is just what it sounds like: “personals”. Slang representing the best of the best, the pick of the litter, etc. etc. Persy Rosin applies to 6 star water hash that’s been pressed into rosin, whereas the normal live rosin doesn’t make the same guarantee. The Live Rosin is pressed from hash considered just under 6 star and doesn’t have a perfect melt. Persy Rosin is pressed only from the finest of 6 star/full-melt ice-water hash extractions. Only perfection from seed to sale of exotic, low-yielding, or difficult strains will ever obtain the ‘persy’ rank. For most of 710 Labs genetic library perfection from seed to sale equates closer to a tier 1-2. This allows for special batches to be released as ‘persy’ for those looking for peak quality.

Persy Rosin is made by pressing only the finest spectrum of Water Hash – 90u – from the first wash, refined using only heat and pressure to create a flavorful and easy-to-consume oil.

Commonly known as cold cure, Persy Badder is a more stable form of our fresh press 90u rosin. After the rosin is pressed, it is sealed into jars and left to cure at room temperature, forming an opaque, badder-like consistency with minimal terpene degradation. Hydrocarbons help create a whipped cake badder consistency, often appearing almost ‘wet’. This appearance is due to the presence of viscous terpenes glistening on top of the more THC rich core.


Ingredients: Cannabis Oil Extracted With Water


This is a non-edible concentrate intended for smoking or vaporizing only. 
Proper storage of your hash will ensure the terps are as fresh as the day they were harvested. Keep rosin frozen when not in use. Badder can be stored at room temperature (50-70) for up to 3 days. Past 3 days, store in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. For long-term storage, we recommend vac-sealing and storing in the freezer. Always bring your jars to room temperature before unsealing to prevent moisture or crackle. 


1 Gram, 7 Grams


Bad Apple #7 (Rosin), Donny Burger (Badder), Dulce De Fresa #5 (Badder), Grease Bucket #9 + Lovers Lane #12 (Badder), Lemon Heads #4 (Badder), Lemon Heads #4 (Rosin), Moon Glow #1 (Rosin), Popscotti #3 (Badder), Super Freak (Badder), Tropicana Grape Cake #11 (Rosin), Variety

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