(RSO) Full Spectrum Rick Simpson Oil 1ML

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THC 74.88% | CBD 0.17% | CBC: 0.95% | CBG: 0.62% | CBGA: 0.2% | CBN: 0.75% | THC9: 74.05% | THCA: 0.95% | THCV: 0.59%|

TotalCannabinoids: 78.28%

RSO should not be dabbed/smoked, it should be eaten.
The taste is harsh and can be combined with foods like apples/bananas/ice cream or placed into a capsule and swallowed. Preferably, place the dosage of RSO (cannabis oil) under your tongue.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR DISPENSING:  Your goal is to warm the oil in the syringe so it dispenses easier and doesn’t damage the syringe making the rest of the oil hard to get out. You want to heat the oil for and ensure that the oil doesn’t get too hot and become unusable. The ideal temperature to heat RSO oil is between 104-122 degrees Fahrenheit. If the oil is heated for too long, it will begin to degrade and become less effective. It is important to heat the oil just long enough to make it liquid enough to be easily dispensed without over heating it. One method that can be used is to microwave a cup of water for 45 seconds, put the syringe in a plastic bag and submerge it for about a minute. You may have to submerge for longer.

DOSING INSTRUCTIONS – especially those diagnosed with or cured of CANCER:
Due to its high potency [on average 1 g or ml = 700 mg THC] you should start with a dose the size of half of a grain of uncooked rice, that’s about a quarter of a drop.
An easy way to do this is to unscrew the cap, take a tooth pick and insert into the oil. Just barely dipping the toothpick into the cannabis oil will provide a starting dose.
Start with a SMALL AMOUNT!
This amount should be taken every 8 hours or breakfast/lunch/dinner.
*This will make you high. If you wish to start at bedtime only, please do so.*

AFTER 2 WEEKS: the body builds a tolerance, increase the dose by doubling the size every FOUR DAYS.
AFTER 5 – 6 WEEKS: You should reach a maximum dose of 1 full gram syringe of RSO per day. This is about 8-9 rice-sized drops every 8 hours daily.


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