Muha Meds Diamond Reserves Disposable (1G)


Enjoy our liquid Live Resin on-the-go with our full-spectrum concentrate vape. Inside you’ll find our ultra-potent strain specific diamond extract, melted and refined into our vape friendly engineered formula. Full-spectrum. No solvents. Take your diamonds with you wherever you go.

Lab Results:
Muha Sauced 
Crem Brulee
Cherry Lime Sherbelato
Diamond Peaches
Papaya Live

**THCA diamonds are one of the purest THC-dominant cannabis concentrates on the market, containing up to 99.9% THC when heated. THCA diamonds are typically vaporized or “dabbed,” either in combination with flower, within a concentrate, or for those with very high tolerance, on their own.


Cherry Lime Sherbelato (Sativa), Creme Brulee (Hybrid), Diamond Peaches (Hybrid), Muha Sauced (Indica), Papaya Live (Indica), Variety


(1) 1g Pen, (5) 1g Pens, (10) 1g Pens

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