Kik Premiums (1g)

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Kalibloom Cannabis has arrived! Kik is a 1G disposable vape that contains premium Delta-9 THC. Compact, sleek, and rechargeable, Kik has a double wall tank design to prevent leaking. Extracted from cannabis grown in trusted farms across California, Kik is solvent and pesticide-free.


Gelatti (Hybrid), Kush Cake (Indica), Lemon Biscotti (Indica), Private Reserve OG (Indica), Variety, London Pound Cake (Indica)


(1) 1g Pen, (5) 1g Pens, (10) 1g Pens, (15) 1g Pens, (20) 1g Pens, (25) 1g Pens, (30) 1g Pens

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