JK Rolling CO Donut Joint



Check out their Instagram to get an idea of what really goes into crafting this product.

What you’re getting
A top tier exotic connoisseur product. Each donut joint contains 2 grams of the FINEST exotic flower handcrafted in a RAW paper that will burn for 25-30 minutes.. It’s rolled with .5g of premium hash rosin in the middle of the flower. This is an exotic product and is very potent.

It’s called a donut joint due to the piece of concentrate you place between two layers of the ground-up cannabis. Once you light up your joint, it begins to melt and distribute inside forming a bubbling ‘hole’ in the middle of the top of the joint. You can clearly see that it truly resembles a donut.


House Choice, (2g) Gelato Cookies x (.5g) High Octane, (2g) Gelato Cookies x.(5g) Apple Fritter, (2g) White Runtz x (.5g) Apple Fritter, (2g) White Runtz x (.5g) High Octane, (2g) White Runtz x .(5g) Wedding Cake, (2g) White Runtz x (.5g) Rozay

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