710 Labs Hash Rosin

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Premium Solventless Hash Rosin

From 710 Labs: Hand Selected And Exotic Strains From The Most Renowned Breeders, Including Landrace Single Origin Seeds That Took Decades To Find. There’s A Reason Our Flower Is Renowned Industry Wide – We Never Blind Source. We Meticulously Grow Our Ladies In House With Wholly Organic Inputs, Dry And Cure It Based On Density And Trim It By Hand To Bring You The Most Opulent, Flavor Dense Nugs In The Market. Our Living Soil Is Crawling With Life And Helps Bring You Some Of The Cleanest Healthiest Plants That You Can Find! Unless You Are Using Genetically Modified Cultivars, Harsh Pesticides, Or Other Commercial Production Methods, You Will Always Have Natural Variances From Crop To Crop, Batch To Batch. We Strive To Honestly Reflect The Quality Of Each Batch By Offering You Four Tiers Of Pricing. First And Foremost, We’re Looking At The Quality Of The Particular Batch. Does It Meet, Exceed, Or Disappoint In Flavor And Effect? We’ll Also Take Into Account Batch Yield And Cultivar Demand, But Like Everything At 710 Labs, It All Starts With Terp Preservation And Ends With Quality!



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